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Carl’s Jr

What an episode! JB was in town and we managed to do our first face-to-face podcast right here in the studio! We talked about all kinds of things; photography, toilets, voice over acting and all manner of other nonsense. JB’s Insta: Si’s site: JB’s brother’s voice over for Carl’s […]

Autumn Arrives

Just a quick one, autumn is here and it’s pouring down with rain of course! Time to chill out and enjoy the fact that my garden in getting a good watering. 😉


Many years ago I lived for a short while in an amazing apartment in Barcelona. In the middle of town, myself and my friend Dario. We had no plans really. He wanted to get a job, I wanted to learn Spanish and basically not be in England for a while. […]

Baby Blue

Not that I have ever claimed to be a topical blogger, or any kind of blogger at all really, but this is a particularly random post that I, all of a sudden, felt compelled to write. As some of you may know I’m a huge Bob Dylan fan, there is […]

TogBlog Blues

Just a normal day on twitter when @jeffcrossphoto posted a clip of a rap track he is recording all about being a photographer! It was soo funny, and such a nice idea that I decided to do a homage to Jeff”s bit of hip hop, with a more traditional folksy […]

Until Tomorrow…

I’ll just keep moving on… After travelling a lot lately I’ve decided i want to try and stop work from sapping all my creative juices – a major problem for me. I’ve not been able to enjoy taking photos or even been able to find the time to get into […]

Response to Zack Arias

Response to Zack Arias blog for Scott Kelby:: So people started RT-ing that Zack Arias blog from a couple of months ago again today. Zack is questioning what is important to him as a person as he struggles to reason why he does photography and what direction he should take […]

Street Fighter

I’ve been thinking about the various types of photography that I do. I enjoy changing it up and trying out different techniques. Partly, I guess I am trying to find a niche, but mostly its just experimentation and keeping things fresh. What I was hoping to do in this blog […]