Chapter 2

Out of habit he took the binoculars and starting on his left, tracked along the horizon.

The dark made it hard to make out anything of interest and he flipped the switch to enable an infrared filter. Nothing. As he ran along the horizon the infrared made dull viewing and he switched the filter back. He stood the binoculars down to the right of the chair, the lenses falling flat on the boards. He leaned back in the chair and sighed deeply. He looked at the digital thermometer, gaffer taped to the scaffold pole, beside it the anemometer was still.

From his shirt pocket he pulled out a small notebook followed by a pencil and recorded;

“March 16th 2067: Black Cloud, 2°C, no wind, nothing to note.”

He looked back through the last week’s entries, the last month. They all read like this. One exception was nine weeks ago when, after the temperature he had noted; “Group heading towards town, cart, six men.”.

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