Chapter 8

Such thoughts now were nothing more than a dream. Right now, it was survival. Follow the routine, keep out of sight and stay alive. There was nothing on the farm that anyone would come out here for. Years ago the land had been scoured by more confident bandits and anything of any ongoing value, picked up and taken away, it was a war mentality, needs must and the needs of the brave out-weigh those of the weak.

Arthur had given up a few items of technology, that he felt he had no need for and a few fresh foods he happened to have. But they hadn’t shown any interest in his prize possessions, the boy for one. He had been tucked away in one of the many hidden places in the house. The second most vital part of the operation was the solar panel system, but the bandits had no interest in anything fixed. Their life was on the road, always on the move, Arthur chose the other way. A way of stoicism in this little house and for that he needed power.

After the scouring he started the watches, he felt that he could read the events of the land well enough to anticipate another visit and prepare accordingly. Who knew what the next ones would want and how hard they would press to get it? He had heard stories from the other locals that remained, of children being taken away, they assumed the boys were put to work for these men and the girls they preferred not to think about at all.

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