I love apps

JB and I get together once again face to face and talk about home ownership, podcasts, apps interior decorating and much more!

Carl’s Jr

What an episode! JB was in town and we managed to do our first face-to-face podcast right here in the studio! We talked about all kinds of things; photography, toilets, voice over acting and all manner of other nonsense. JB’s Insta: https://www.instagram.com/tall_man_roaming/ Si’s site: http://www.thedailycapture.com JB’s brother’s voice over for Carl’s […]

Phoning it In

Now that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, be it berry, i, or droid, everyone also has the ability to knock out quick, half decent photos. Now, I’m all for more people taking good photos and personally I love photo feed apps like Instagram, tumblr and pheed, however…. What […]

Best Manning

A have recently been lucky enough to have been the best man at the wedding of my good friend Graham. It was a fantastic day followed by a somewhat drunken evening followed by a somewhat painful morning…. The day after the wedding we did manage to get ourselves out of […]

Autumn Arrives

Just a quick one, autumn is here and it’s pouring down with rain of course! Time to chill out and enjoy the fact that my garden in getting a good watering. 😉

Swimming Meets Cosplay

I went to take some photos of my brother in law doing one of his ‘Five Great British Swims’ in the Royal Victoria docks in London. When we arrived we were surprised to find the train station not filled with swimmers as expected, but instead filled with Mario, Luigi, Harry […]


Many years ago I lived for a short while in an amazing apartment in Barcelona. In the middle of town, myself and my friend Dario. We had no plans really. He wanted to get a job, I wanted to learn Spanish and basically not be in England for a while. […]