Gas Lab

Cross processed. One of my favourite recent pics. Taken in the Imperial History Museum in London, this was a display showing the gas mask on a dummy. There is something really creepy about it.

Jon’s Face

More fun with strobes! I finally got round to getting a second umbrella ordered, so now have the ability to shoot with two umbrellas using the speedlights. This is fine, except only one of these flashes (The SB-700) has manual controls – and I really don’t see the point in […]

Wading into Flash

So, I am learning. Taking pictures when I can using this basic knowledge and making mistakes constantly, just to prove how little I know. Down this route, however, lies some amazing photographs and indeed photographs with value, real cash value. I can see how people get the bug for playing […]

Check ya Flow

One thing that often concerns those who dabble with digital photography is how to deal with the files we shoot. Taking pictures is one skill, managing the resulting ”digital negatives” through to a final finished shot is another entirely. In this blog I will deal solely with the latter. More […]