Are You Listening?

Another shot from the Are You Listening festival in Reading, May 2013.

This one was from the last gig we went to, Mr Fogg. One thing that struck me about all the bands we saw was that they were all straying from the standard three or four piece rock combos. Each group had a curveball in there, either in the form of keys or synth. It made me start thinking about the possibilities, especially with bringing in a synth to a rock group.

I’m a big fan of My Morning Jacket and their lead singer, Jim James, often uses a synth to either layer on samples of build up beats and baselines to augment the instruments, live on stage. This is clearly a popular thing these days and opens up all kinds of opportunities for additional sonic awesomeness and the ability to add something unexpected to any gig, pretty cool.

So, I may investigate this a bit and see what is entailed in the whole synth thing…. Needless to say, it’ll be much harder than it looks.

Anyways, this was a nice shot of Mr Fogg who was a one man band, armed with synths,a bass guitar and a couple of laptops. Check him on Spotify, awesome.

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