Doing it for the Kids

I went back through some shots taken earlier this year and found a set I did with some friends of mine in Montreal. They have a great basement where the kids can run around like crazy without causing too much damage… And do they run about!! They had far more energy than any of use, but I did my best to keep up with them and take some fun shots.

My favourite of which was this one of the two Dads having a bit of time off while Simon (my namesake) carried on regardless.

I’m sure a lot of parents can relate to this moment.

The trick, it seems with kids is to:

a.) Use a wide angle lens. Makes for often funny shots and your bound to get all the action in.

b.) Set your shutter speed high and adjust ISO rather than aperture.

c.) Stick with a solid mid range aperture that’ll keep things sharp through the shot.

d.) Get low, lie down, get to eye level or below seems to work well.

Just a few quick tips that might help!

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