A few months back I decided I wanted to start doing some drawing. So I bought myself a pad and some pencils and without any real idea what I was doing, I started doodling. Quickly I found that there were some tricks I could use to help me get started, finding easy ways to guage proportions and learning by tracing the key points and then filling in the gaps by hand and eye is a good way to start.

I soon found pencils limiting and got some charcoal pencils, charcoal sticks and erasers. This gives you so much more flexibility and let’s you get a bit more creative with how you draw. You can smeer, smash, grind, rub…. Pretty much whatever gives a cool looking result. I highly recommend the charcoal pencils as they give you a lot of this flexibility without the inevitable mess from using actual sticks of charcoal.

These are my attempts so far. I’m still no artist, but I’m getting a feel for the medium and finding repeatable techniques I can use to revr ate my subject and add a bit of my own style to things.

I plan to keep going down this avenue, with perhaps a detour into painting once I can decide what medium to use….


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