iPhone Killed the DSLR

Last weekend I enjoyed an excellent photo trip to Snowdonia. One thing that was great was using my iPhone to grab quick shots for getting an idea of framing and light. But as I was using it I started to notice how damn good the shots looked!

It’s my first trip with the iPhone6 and the camera on this thing is fantastic. I’m sure it’s not even the best phone camera on the market, so those lucky folks with 1+1 or Samsung phones probably have it even better.

It’s ability to deal with high dynamic lighting and the wide angle are fantastic. I couldn’t help but keep showing everyone after I snapped each pic, ‘Look at this!!!’. Even worse, a lot of the time I was thinking that my phone pic was going to be better than my DSLR capture, with thousands of pounds of kit behind it.

Here are a few of my favourite iPhone6 snaps from the trip. Not bad eh!? 🙂

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