Olympics – Basketball

Next up on the Olympic agenda was basketball. I went to see the GB ladies in their last match playing Brasil.

Sadly the ladies didn’t have the best tournament and we saw them take yet another defeat. But it was great to support them nonetheless and also a great excuse to wander around the Olympic park and soak up all the incredible atmosphere.

The park is enormous and the venues are all uniquely designed, with each one taking up a different part of the park and offering a different feel. There are aslo some great hidden treasures like the water fountains under the bridge near the aquatic centre – each one shoots water droplets that make a word, they were showing all the names of the competing countries when I went by, very cool!

Also out on the main concourse is a huge area of coloured flooring that some of the gamesmakers were using for a massive game of twister! All of these things added to a great atmosphere and many happy visitors.

It was really awe inspiring to be in the park during the games. The only downside was missing my train home in the evening and having to get a rather expensive taxi home… ouch.

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