Olympics – Eton Dorney

This has been an amazing week! The Olympics here in London have started and I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few events.

On Saturday morning we went to the lake at Eton Dorney to watch Team GB win 2 golds and a silver in the Olympic Regatta. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience.

The crowd at Eton Dorney fill two enormous stands with a total of 25,000 people and as the crowd is condensed into the final 500 metres of the course the noise reaches a crescendo as the teams get closer and closer to the line.

We had to suffer some pretty awful weather. Which added to the classically British feel of the event.

Seeing the Men’s Fours win the gold was just stunning. Watching the replays again now I can’t believe we were there. It’s one of those memories that will truly last a lifetime.

More Olympic posts to come! 🙂

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