Scotland – Loch Lomond

People choose to travel all over the world to see places of natural beauty and for photogrpahers it can be the journey of a lifetime to go to one of these places. Scotland deserves to be on all our lists.

Everytime I journey north of the border to Scotland, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. Scotland is an absolutely stunning place for photographers. The landscapes are varied and dramatic in almost all their forms and the light has an extremely dynamic appearance.

Although it doesn’t always deliver, each evening brings with it the prospect of beautiful sunset.

I must make an effort to arrange a trip to Scotland (ideally the Isle of Skye) solely for the sake of taking photographs. This post is just a quickie I took from a boat on Loch Lomond last week.

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  1. Marcus

    Beautiful shot. I was wondering if it would be possible to use this as an image for a piece of music I am writing to put on YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp – it is part of my university coursework and so will be available for free (so I will not be profiting from it) – but ideally I would love your express permission. Links to this page and your website will of course be provided!



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