TogBlog Blues

Just a normal day on twitter when @jeffcrossphoto posted a clip of a rap track he is recording all about being a photographer! It was soo funny, and such a nice idea that I decided to do a homage to Jeff”s bit of hip hop, with a more traditional folksy blues flavour!

And here it is, the TogBlog Blues:

Audio MP3

Gonna pull out my weapon, gonna shoot you down,

Gonna pull out my weapon, make you smile or frown,

Look down the barrel, and wait for the click,

Checkin my focus, gonna make it stick,

Gonna take your picture baby,

And post it my blog
Gotta learn myself wordpress, gotta learn myself digg,

Gotta learn myself flickr and do it quick,

Gotta get you to twitter, gotta get your RT,

Gotta get you to follow friday me

Gonna take your picture baby,

And post it on my blog,

I”ll head for the country, I”ll head for the town,

I”ll take pics of buildings or a circus clown,

I’ll wait for the sunset, wait for the dawn,

There’s a man in the high street dressed a like prawn!

Gonna take his picture baby,

Post it on my blog

This is the one thing you must always know,Carry your camera whever you go,

You must be prepared for the crazy and weird,

Like four thousand monkeys or a girl with a beard!

Gonna take their picture baby,

And post it on my blog

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