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Phoning it In

Now that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, be it berry, i, or droid, everyone also has the ability to knock out quick, half decent photos. Now, I’m all for more people taking good photos and personally I love photo feed apps like Instagram, tumblr and pheed, however…. What […]

Best Manning

A have recently been lucky enough to have been the best man at the wedding of my good friend Graham. It was a fantastic day followed by a somewhat drunken evening followed by a somewhat painful morning…. The day after the wedding we did manage to get ourselves out of […]

Jon’s Face

More fun with strobes! I finally got round to getting a second umbrella ordered, so now have the ability to shoot with two umbrellas using the speedlights. This is fine, except only one of these flashes (The SB-700) has manual controls – and I really don’t see the point in […]

Wading into Flash

So, I am learning. Taking pictures when I can using this basic knowledge and making mistakes constantly, just to prove how little I know. Down this route, however, lies some amazing photographs and indeed photographs with value, real cash value. I can see how people get the bug for playing […]

Check ya Flow

One thing that often concerns those who dabble with digital photography is how to deal with the files we shoot. Taking pictures is one skill, managing the resulting ”digital negatives” through to a final finished shot is another entirely. In this blog I will deal solely with the latter. More […]

Shooting my Friends in the Face

I am in no way a professional photographer, I have never been paid for photos and wouldn’t generally ask. When one of my friends asked me to take pics of him and his fiance for their wedding invite card I jumped at the chance, just cause I knew it was […]

On the Road Again

This is the first trip i have done with only my iPad. Whenever I come down to France I always bring my full compliment of photography gear as I have the time to get some good shots and try out a few experiments. Something I never get the chance to […]

The SiPad

So…. Yes, I have an iPad. I”m sure that many will choose to see this post as yet another fan boy getting terribly excited about the latest gimmick designed for the sole purpose of extracting more money from fools like me, and you would be pretty close to the truth. […]

Blog on Blog

I guess I started taking photos as a serious hobby about 3 years ago. I went out, bought a camera, read lots of magazines and books and started shooting. After a short while of doing this on my own and sharing the resulting pics with family and friends I started […]