I love apps

JB and I get together once again face to face and talk about home ownership, podcasts, apps interior decorating and much more!

Carl’s Jr

What an episode! JB was in town and we managed to do our first face-to-face podcast right here in the studio! We talked about all kinds of things; photography, toilets, voice over acting and all manner of other nonsense. JB’s Insta: https://www.instagram.com/tall_man_roaming/ Si’s site: http://www.thedailycapture.com JB’s brother’s voice over for Carl’s […]

Chapter 8

Such thoughts now were nothing more than a dream. Right now, it was survival. Follow the routine, keep out of sight and stay alive. There was nothing on the farm that anyone would come out here for. Years ago the land had been scoured by more confident bandits and anything […]

Chapter 7

The alarm woke Arthur and the pain in his lower back caused him to groan as he rolled over to silence the chimes. The house was carefully sealed, so that during the night no light could escape, but this meant as long as they were inside that clocks were important […]

Chapter 6

The days were only grey and the darkness during the day was only slightly less pervading than that of the night. Only between the hours of 07:00 and 16:00 was it possible to view the world with the naked eye. Inside his home, Arthur could maintain some sense of the […]

Chapter 5

He twisted himself and slid down into the house. The boy was waiting for him, as he often was after watch and looked at him, eager for the latest news from outside. “Nothing, as usual.” said Arthur. He still felt guilty at not telling James about the men he had […]

Chapter 4

He pushed himself up out the chair and let out a breath of air as he did so. Making the several daily journeys up the scaffold to make his watches was becoming less and less comfortable and although he felt the exercise was beneficial, his body was weakening through lack […]