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After travelling a lot lately I’ve decided i want to try and stop work from sapping all my creative juices – a major problem for me. I’ve not been able to enjoy taking photos or even been able to find the time to get into the creative ”zone” so I thought I should come up with a plan to get through work better and keep my creativity going!

Its not rocket science and I don’t do all these myself, but I’m hoping that by writing them down, I might do them more.

  • Use your lunch break to escape your work environment. Take a walk, photograph your local area, play sport. that hour is yours, try and use it. Have a separate notebook to your work one. whether its your iPhone, Blackberry or a pen and pad, keep personal notes separate to work ones.
  •  If you travel a lot, use airplane and airport ”dead time” to do something creative rather than more work. When you get to your destination do at least one non work activity.
  • Be as creative as you can within your ”real” job. This is a big one. Even if your job doesn”t really call for it, try and make mundane jobs more exciting and go outside the envelope to achieve your work goals. When producing a boring old spreadsheet or ppt, go the extra mile in tweaking and customising the look and feel, you’ll enjoy it more and produce a better result. Try not to rush everything, take the time to make it your own even if it will never leave your desk.
  • If your job allows, listen to music or podcasts while you work.
  • If your office has a communal area, cafe, canteen etc where you can work, leave your regular workspace and work there for a bit, changing your environment will help you have ideas for work and yourself.
  • If you drive a lot, use evernote to record ideas as u drive. Another way to make use of ”dead time”.
  • Help out colleagues. when you can, help out a colleague in a diff dept. This will get you out of the usual grind and do your buddy a favour. Good all round!
  • Watch the movie ”Office Space” at least 4 times a year 😀
  • Take a photo a day! Tough one…. do as i say. not as i do!
  • I hope these tips help me and you to keep creative while filling out those TPS reports! 😀

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  1. Coops

    I love the philosophy! Making use of “dead time” is definitely a great way to unwind, or escape from work.


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